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Statistics report that 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease.  So why does it seem like everyone around me is eating gluten!?  This blog and podcast were created so I may share my thoughts on everything from diagnosis and recovery to what gluten free foods are actually edible.  I may occasionally vent at my frustration of going to a restaurant and not being able to eat one measly thing on the menu (ok, occasional vent #1)! When I was initially diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I felt confused, isolated, and totally uneducated.  I mourned for the food I could no longer eat.  I felt angry that I had this disease.  Why me?  I wanted my Tastycakes and I wanted them NOW (ok, occasional vent #2)!  I hope this blog and podcast helps you to feel that you are not alone.  You WILL be healthy.  You WILL be able to survive and thrive gluten-free.

Hold The Gluten is a place I hope you will visit if you feel you need to connect with a fellow celiac.   When Aunt Matilda makes you a loaf of her famous pumpkin bread (with tons of gluten) and is totally offended when you don’t eat it, take a moment to remember there are others out there going through the same exact scenario.  Well, I personally don’t have an Aunt Matilda, but you get the picture.   Stop by, stay awhile, there’s safety in numbers!

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