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Traversing the Grocery Store – Gluten Free

I remember when I first went gluten free; I would spend hours at the grocery store.   Fear not!  You can easily tackle gluten free food shopping with some important tips in mind:

1)      Do your research and create a list before you shop.  Compile a “cheat sheet” of what is gluten free before hitting the supermarket and bring your reference guide with you.

2)      Stop by the customer service desk.  Many grocery stores are now providing a list of gluten free products they carry in store.  Some stores even have a downloadable version you can access online.

3)      Shop the perimeter of the store.  Naturally gluten free fruits and veggies, meats, poultry, fish and dairy products can be found in the outer aisles of most grocery stores.

4)      Explore the inner aisles for gluten free finds such as canned goods, rice, corn tortillas, Frito Lay snacks, Chex gluten free cereal, Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake, cookie and brownie mixes, and Gluten Free Bisquick.  Chain stores as well as food stores such as Target, Trader Joes, Wegmans, and Whole Foods also carry a nice selection of gluten free food products.

5)      Speak to the store manager.  Is there a certain gluten free food that you are wishing your store would carry?  Talk to the manager and ask to fill out a product request form.

6)      Read all labels.  As time consuming as it may be, reading ingredient labels is the one way you can make absolutely certain if a product is gluten free.

7)      Shop during non-peak times.  If at all possible, plan to do your shopping during a time when your grocery store is not busy (early morning, late evening, weekdays).  You’ll feel less pressured when the aisles aren’t jam packed with frenzied shoppers.

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Get Carded…

Ah, remember the good ol’ days?  Nervously waiting to be asked for i.d.  Hoping you looked “old enough”… Call me vain, but I’d pay 100 bucks to have someone card me today!  However, snickering while they looked at the birth year on my license would definitely forfeit the Ben Franklin.

I’m actually writing about cards of a different sort… Gluten Free Dining Cards.  These wallet sized “cheat sheets” are given to your server/chef when dining out.  Until the end of August, Triumph Dining is supporting those with Celiac Disease by offering FREE Dining Cards.  Better yet, once 15,000 people sign up for these complimentary cards, Triumph Dining will make a $10,000 donation to a national celiac awareness campaign.  How fantastic is that?!

Kelly from the Triumph Gluten-Free! blog sent me this exciting message:

I’m writing you today to let you know about Triumph Dining’s new give-away that we’re doing in August to raise money for Celiac Disease awareness, called the $10k Challenge.  I hope this is something you would like to share with your readers.

Triumph Dining is giving away FREE American Dining Cards until the end of August. There’s absolutely no purchase necessary. Your readers can simply visit to participate and get a free dining card.

The purpose of this give-away is to raise money for Celiac Disease Awareness. If 15,000 people to sign up for free dining cards, Triumph Dining will make a $10,000 donation in support of a national celiac disease awareness campaign. When we hit our goal, we’ll ask you and the gluten free community to help us decide which non-profit(s) receives the donation.

We’re trying to build awareness on two fronts: With 15,000 more dining cards on the street, we’ll be educating more restaurants about the gluten free diet faster. And, with $10,000 funding behind a national campaign, we can diagnose and educate more Celiacs.

I hope you’ll tell your readers about this promotion.

Thanks and keep blogging,

Triumph Dining

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