Strawberries and gluten free granola

It was a no brainer when Enjoy Life contacted me to taste test their double chocolate crunch gluten free granola as well as their  semi-sweet mega chunks.  I personally consider chocolate one of the major food groups, so I was excited to sample their new products!

Double Chocolate Crunch Granola Review

  • Gluten, nut, and casein free, vegan, kosher pareve
  • There are only 3.5 grams of fat in 1/2 cup of granola!  Many granolas are high in fat content.
  • Very crunchy and tasty.  Perfect topping on greek yogurt and berries.


  • Do your pricing research!  In doing a search on-line for Enjoy Life Granola, I found that the price point varied greatly by retailer.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks Review

  • Gluten, soy, nut and casein free, vegan, kosher pareve
  • Delicious, HUGE chocolate chunks!  They aren’t kidding around with the “mega” title.
  • Would be wonderful to add to cookies or brownies.  Sadly I did not bake anything as I ate the entire package over the course of two days handful by handful.


  • Pricing.  Sadly pricing online was very high due to shipping costs.  A 10 ounce bag cost as much as $10.00 online after shipping charges.  Unless you can locate these in your local grocery store, these mega chunks would be very expensive.

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