Product Review and Giveaway! The Gluten Free Bar

The fab folks at The Gluten Free Bar recently shared their gluten free nutrition bars with me.  As a gluten free vegetarian (well, except for delicious bacon), I am always looking for an easily transportable snack that’s high in nutritional value.  The Gluten Free Bars definitely fit the bill!  Two lucky commenters will win a Gluten Free Bar Sample Pack!  Simply leave a comment here about what you look for in a gluten free bar and you’ll be entered to win Sample Pack of one GFB peanut butter and one GFB peanut butter + chocolate!

Deadline to enter is Saturday, December 4th.

the gluten free bar


  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and casein-free
  • Excellent source of protein and omega 3
  • Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility
  • Easily transportable
  • Great combination of sweet and crunchy


  • Price point is a bit high.  The cost for a case of 12 bars average $28.00 ($2.33 per bar)

25 Replies to “Product Review and Giveaway! The Gluten Free Bar”

  1. I look for moisture – I hate it when I need a full glass of juice or water after eating a GF bar. It takes away a lot of the convenience of the bar if I can’t easily eat it on the go.

  2. Chocolate + Peanut Buttter AND gluten free. Doesn’t get any better than that~ Love that you can throw one in your purse and go.

  3. Sounds delish to me! The price point is high, but if they are filling it might be worth the while. You can easily spend that much on convenience food while out, when it is better and more economical to have something like this in your purse! I’d love to try them. 🙂

  4. I look for convenience, taste and satisfaction. I’m unfamiliar with this brand but it’s GF and a snacky-snack so please count me in. I’m always looking for something new and good! Happy gobble gobble!

  5. I’m always looking for decent gluten free bars… generally something that has a fair amount of protein and will tide me over for awhile, as well as something that isn’t to dry and ridiculously hard to actually eat… I also prefer a low sugar content- these look a bit high in that category, but I’m always willing to try something new!

    skidownthehill at yahoo dot com

  6. Oh my goodness, that sounds delicious. I am honestly a pretty tough critic when it comes to bars, although once I find something I like, I am a lifelong loyal customer. I look for a bar that is low in calories, fat, and sugar, but high in fiber and protein. And delicious, of course! I would love to try these, they sound delicious. Thanks so much fr the giveaway! =)

  7. I’m dairy-free, because of severe lactose intolerance. It isn’t easy to find DF/GF products, so I’m looking forward to trying these bars out!

  8. I just ordered a case of these myself. They’re good bars, good flavor, perfect size for travel snacks!

  9. I look for taste…period. I’ve tried so many bars for my Celiac daughter and she won’t settle for just anything. It would be lovely if they don’t have that “aftertaste”!!!

  10. My daughter, Johanna, who is 26 and also has Down’s Syndrom, was recently dx with Celiac Disease. It has been a rough year reading labels and telling her she can’t have so many of the old favorites. I have recently tried the Larabars and other small bars for deserts and for keeping in my purse if we happen to be at bible study or church and she needs a snack when the others are having cookies or cake or such. Need a good tasting, easy to carry snack for her. Thanks, Annie

  11. I am always looking for a gluten free bar that is high in nutritional value and lower in fat content. It would be good to have a substantial amount of fiber also. Taste is important

  12. Hi everyone,

    As the founder of the The Gluten Free Bar it is great to read your honest feedback and thoughts on what makes a good gluten-free nutrition bar. I understand your comments re: the price point – but if you try the bar you will see how filling it is (and of course how good it tastes). And remember – we have a guarantee on our website – if you are not satisfied – we’ll refund your money – no questions asked. We stand behind that guarantee. Try out a sample pack for only $7! ($7 includes shipping)


  13. Gotta be the taste, first and foremost. If my son won’t eat it, it’s not helpful. So much GF/CF stuff tastes, frankly, awful. It’d be nice to have another “go to” snack for the mid-morning or mid-afternoon hungries.

  14. i always look for good texture. so many gf products have a crumbly, mealy texture, and i always appreciate a nice chewy bar to munch on.

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