Gluten Free Blarney Stone Creamy Potato Soup Review

Over this past weekend Snowmageddon occurred.  Here in New Jersey, it snowed a whopping 28.5 inches.  That kind of winter weather calls for three things:  hot chocolate, comfy p.j.’s and a big pot of soup simmering on the stove.  After my diagnosis with celiac disease, I found it hard to find soup mixes or premade varieties without wheat.  No longer could I take a quick trip down the soup aisle in my grocery store and pick up a few cans of Campbell’s soup.  About a year ago, I discovered Fantastic World Foods Simmer Soups.  Their Blarney Stone Creamy Potato soup is “a creamy blend of diced potatoes seasoned with onions and leeks.”  Simply add in milk to their mix and simmer on the stove for 10 minutes.  Inspired by their Baked Potato soup suggestion on the back of the package, we added a dollop of sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and crumbled bacon.


  • Overall a tasty and hearty gluten-free soup!
  • Reasonably priced at $3.65 for a 7.5 package of soup mix (approximately 6 servings).


  • Do your pricing research!  In doing a search on-line for Simmer Soups, I found that the price point varied greatly by retailer.  For example, if you ordered a 6-pack of Simmer Soups directly from Fantastic World Foods the price is $30.72.  In comparison, if you order the same quantity via, the price is $21.94.

8 Replies to “Gluten Free Blarney Stone Creamy Potato Soup Review”

  1. Rookies Gluten Free cookies, brownies, cupcakes & muffins -I tried all of them recently. First time I’ve ever tasted a gluten free desert that doesn’t taste like cardboard! Great products.

  2. So it was tasty? Looking at the photo has me salivating for that creamy warm texture. And its gluten free. That’s definitely a plus!

  3. Gluten free soup that’s yummy to boot? I have to try this out. Have you tried any other soups since then? Don’t think creamy potato would go well with my hubby though….

  4. I love soup. Be it hot weather or cold weather I still had my soup as part of my daily meals. Unfortunately, I have been recently diagnose with Coeliac disease as well and can no longer tolerate gluten. I have tried Blarney Stone Creamy Potato Soup and must admit that they are pretty darn good for a ready made product.

  5. “Do your pricing research! In doing a search on-line for Simmer Soups, I found that the price point varied greatly by retailer.”

    This is definately a great dish. If it can be provided in a more healthy manner, then that only adds to the wonderful experience of eating it. Would you say that is still the best place to go in order to get it at a good price?

  6. I am not the health food type. I would rather eat what I like, but maybe in smaller quantities, and add some exercise to my routine. I can’t stand eating food that is not delicious. However, if this really is a great tasting dish, then I am all for it. Thanks for the post.

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